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Why In THE Hell Are We Doing This?

Being non-believers ourselves, we found the dating world – especially online dating – to be extremely frustrating. If you are attracted to someone physically and you get along with them, there’s always that ever-present issue of religion looming over you. You just know that you’ll have to have that discussion at some point and hope that it’s not a deal breaker. Then, if you go online, you know that if you choose Atheist as your religion, people will disregard you without even getting to know you, so maybe you choose the ridiculous “Spiritual but not Religious” category. The odds are just not in the non-believer’s favor with this stuff.

All of that crap above is why we created Looking For Logic. This is your safe place. It’s not a dating only site. We realize that there may not be a lot of members near you at first, so we want members to create friendships and spark discussions in our groups section (you can even start a private group, if you know what we mean). If this site does put two like-minded people together romantically, that would be SO AWESOME! Look, you will enjoy this site whether you’re married or single because you’re not being forced to date anyone. Poke around, get to know people, invite friends (please!) and let’s make this a solid, respectful online community…for US.

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While we work our way through the ins and outs of this site and receive feedback from users, please understand that we’re in our beta testing phase. If you see low member numbers or little activity, we hope you don’t give up on us. Help us out by getting active in groups and chats and invite friends! They don’t have to be looking for logic/love. Users can choose what they do here, so married or otherwise committed is fine! They can join in the discussions and fun without the dating part.

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